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Calum Robb is a versatile and accomplished artist in music composition, sound design, and live performances. With a passion for crafting immersive auditory experiences, Calum has etched his mark as a prominent figure in gaming soundscapes and musical creations.

With a background rooted in the heart of the music industry, Calum's journey began as a member of the critically acclaimed band, Black City Lights. Through his tenure in the band, he honed his musical talents and garnered extensive experience in both performing and production. As a vital creative force within Black City Lights, Calum contributed to the band's multiple releases, shaping their distinctive sound and carving a niche within the music scene.

As a testament to his dedication and artistry, Calum and Black City Lights shared stages with renowned bands, supporting acts that included Grimes, Future Islands, Little Dragon, Wild Beasts, Baths, and more. Their music transcended borders, as they performed in various countries, captivating audiences across the USA, Europe and Australasia.

Calum's artistic journey expanded beyond the confines of the band, leading him into the world of game audio. In 2018, Calum further solidified his expertise by undertaking an honours degree in Sound and Music for Games, culminating in a first-class degree. This academic endeavour not only deepened his theoretical knowledge but also added an additional layer of sophistication to his practical skills.

As the exclusive Music and Sound Designer at Blazing Griffin, Calum Robb plays a pivotal role in shaping the auditory aspects of the company's diverse projects. With a track record of enhancing gameplay through meticulously crafted music and sound effects, Calum's work contributes significantly to multiple titles both released and under development. His versatility shines as he adapts his skills to match the unique requirements of various game genres and themes. Beyond his role at Blazing Griffin, Calum also takes on freelance projects, enriching his portfolio and bringing fresh perspectives back to the studio. 

Design Concrete

Supermassive Horror Game (TBC).
Apartment Story (TBC).

Agatha Christie - Hercule Poirot: The London Case.
Agatha Christie - Hercule Poirot: The First Cases.
Murder Mystery Machine.
Remedy Quest.

- Over 12 years of Sound and Music Design.
- VO direction and implementation.
- Audio Branding.
- Jira Management / Project Management.
- Game and Narrative Design.
- Wwise, PureData, Ableton, Unity, Fmod, Unreal, C#.
- Great communication skills for interacting with clients and agency teams.
- Motivated team leader.
- Creative Lead experience.
- Game Production



Black City Lights:

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